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Cpt Bertrand Rameau

Founder / CEO Captain Bertrand Rameau is a former Air Force pilot.  During his 21 years career, he has been assigned to various aviation management position. From A310 Technical pilot to Airbus Chief pilot or deputy head of training, he has developped a strong knowledge on wide range of technical and training topics, thanks to strong collaboration with ATO's, MRO's, Flight test center and Manufacturer .

One of his most successful project was being part of the development and the Entry Into Service of the french A330MRTT 

Since 2015, he flies the Zero G A310 as captain and flight safety officer to create weightleness situation for sciences and space discovery. 

Qualified as TRI/TRE on Airbus A300/310/330&340 and on Single Engine Piston aircraft with aerobatic rating, he's ready to take care of any of your project. 

A team of experts

Be-air has close relation with a large team of expert with recognised qualifications and years of experience on their domain. 

From engineer to flight test pilots, Be-air can find the right person to help you.